What to Expect During Your First Visit
  1. Please allow 60-90 minutes for your first appointment.  We usually do allergy testing on the first visit.  You can expect the results of the test before leaving.

  2. Antihistamines interfere with allergy testing. If you are currently taking Xyzal, Allegra (Fexofenadine) or Zyrtec these medications need to be stopped one week prior to your appointment.  All other antihistamines may be stopped three days prior to your appointment (Benadryl, Loratadine or Claritin).  We understand that some patients (someone with hives or a rash) may not be able to stop their antihistamines.  If this is the case, please continue taking your antihistamines and keep your scheduled appointment.  Do not stop taking  any other medications for Asthma or any other health condition.

  3. Skin testing is done to detect possible environmental, venom (bees) and food allergies.  Using a tiny plastic device we apply a small amount of solutions containing different allergens to the skin with a small scratch (skin pick).  A raised area of skin indicates a positive reaction.

    If we suspect an allergen that does not show up on skin testing, we usually repeat the same allergens using a very small needle.  We inject a small amount of allergen into the first layer of skin forming a small bubble or bleb.  If positive it will look and feel like a small mosquito bite.

  4. If Asthma is suspected we may perform a breathing test otherwise known as a Spirometry.  This test measures the amount of air in your lungs and how quickly you can move air out of your lungs.  This test can help diagnose Asthma, and measure how well your current treatment is working.

From our reception staff to our Physician, each member of our team truly cares about our patients.  We get to know our patients and we take the time to answer questions and address concerns.  This friendly approach is complimented by the knowledge and skill of each team member.

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